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Service Fees


Porcelain fused to metal

Porcelain fused to non-precious


*Porcelain fused to semi-precious


*Porcelain fused to white gold


All rest (metal and porcelain)


Porcelain shoulder (Butt Margin)



All Ceramic Restorations

Zirconia Layered


Zirconia Bridge Layered


Emax /Anteriors


Emax /Posteriors


Emax Veneers


Emax Onlays & Inlays


BruxZir  /Posteriors


BruxZir Esthetic/Anteriors


BruxZir with Facial Cutback




*Full Gold Crown


*Post & Core


Maryland Bridges(2 wings/ 1 pontic)


Metal Wing



**All-In-One Zirconium Abutment




**All-In-One Impl.Bruxzir over Titanium Implant


**All in One BruxZir with Facial Cutback


**All in One Screw Retained semi-precious


**All-In-One Customized Ti Implant with semi-precious


**Customized Abutments


All -On -4


Modified Abutment


Soft Tissue


Access Hole/Screw Retained


**applies to most of manufactuers



Diagnostic Wax-Up


Long Term Provisionals/Temp Crown


Long Term Implant Provisionals Crown + parts


Implant  Stent


Labor Attachment


Fit to Partial/Fit to Night guard


Pink Tissue Porcelain


Partial Denture


Full Denture Complete per arch setup/finish


Immediate Denture




Custom Tray


Essix Retainer


Night Guard


Bite Rim


In-Lab Custom Shade


Outside Lab Custom Shade



*Price does not include metal      *Beryllium-and-nickel-free

*price of alloy can change anytime


Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted. Invoices are due before 30Th of the month. As interest rate of 2% (minimum charge $25) will be applied to all statements not paid in full within 30 days.

There will be some charges incurred for remakes due to non-laboratory failure.